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£1000 Saving on New Roof and Roughcast

Get a £1000 discount when you choose to install both a new roof and roughcast or external render together. Roughcasting Ayrshire, are always happy to pass on the savings from shared scaffold usage and improved installation efficiency directly to you, our valued customer!

"Top marks for quality, our render looks lovely we are glad we decided to go with this company. I found it all very confusing and didn't know which type of rendering would look and perform best. We got really strong advice from their team from the very start, real experts who know their trade very well, great job!"

New Roof Ayrshire Cost

The cost of installing a new roof in Ayrshire can vary depending on factors like the type of tiles, labour for removal and replacement, and other considerations. Our rates begin at £90 per square metre, with total installation costs ranging from £6,000 to £30,000. For a more accurate and detailed pricing, please complete our brief contact form, and we’ll schedule a home survey to provide you with a precise itemised estimate.


15% Off Render and Roughcast

Since January this year, we’ve implemented a 15% discount on all roughcasting and external rendering services. Kindly note that this discount is applicable only for orders concerning a full gable end wall or larger.


How Much To Roughcast a House in Ayrshire?

Many homeowners search on Google to enquire about the cost of roughcasting a house, and it is often one of the initial questions directed to us. However, providing an accurate estimate without inspecting the property poses a challenge.

We’ve outlined minimum starting prices for various standard property types commonly found in Ayrshire. It’s important to note that actual costs will likely surpass these minimum prices and vary depending on factors such as your property size and type:

Mid Terrace House: Roughcasting a mid terrace house, with two walls, starts from £1500, falling on the smaller end of the scale.

Bungalow: Bungalows, varying in size, typically fall within a comparable price range, starting from around £1500 to £2000, depending on size and installation accessibility.

End Terrace House: Roughcasting an end terrace house involves covering front and back facing walls and the gable end, with prices starting from around £2000.

3 Bedroom Terraced House: Costs for roughcasting a 3 bedroom terraced house vary based on size, starting from £4000.

Detached House: Determining the cost for roughcasting a detached house necessitates a home survey to provide an accurate estimate, as it can significantly vary based on factors like size and complexity of installation.

Cost of Roughcast Per Square Metre in Ayrshire

We have opted not to disclose our square metre costs for roughcasting and rendering to prevent potential undercutting or exploitation by competitors. This rate can vary depending on the selected roughcast or render material, as well as other property specific factors and required labour.

Roughcasting Ayrshire offers competitive square meter costs for roughcasting and external rendering, as well as the value of choosing a reputable company with over 30 years of experience in the building trade.

Itemised Roughcasting Quote (Cost Breakdown)

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown from a real life example quote, showcasing the full scope of work and estimated project costs for replacing roughcasting on a house:

*Provision of all access equipment and materials, including Scaffold/Tower on-site.

*Removal of rainwater UPVC downpipes, set aside for reinstallation.

*Protection of windows and doors.

*Removal of loose boss through hacking.

*Preparation, filling, and straightening of all areas as needed.

*Application of External Insulation boards (graphite grey min 80mm if applicable).

*Application of fungicidal wash.

*Installation of mushroom plugs at 1m intervals if necessary.

*Application of Belfast bead and stipend, as well as corner beads where needed.

*Supply and fitting of new external window sills, colour to be confirmed.

*Application of Roughcast dash in the chosen colour.

*Levelling of all DPC where needed, finished in a smooth band or painted (colour to be confirmed).

*Installation of new air bricks and vents if required.

*Cleaning of all gutters, facias, soffit, and downpipes.

*Removal of all alarm boxes, lights, and cameras by the client if applicable.

*Confirmation of boiler type for flu extension fitting.

*Client to indicate if roughcasting of the porch area is required.

*Full removal of all access materials and any excess products, with thorough site cleanup.

We offer highly detailed, professional service, along with fully itemised quotes and competitive costs, ensuring the best value for money on new roofs and roughcasting in Ayrshire!

Roughcasting Ayrshire works in partnership with AMC Solutions (Alba) Ltd. Company Reg. SC672758, who have over 30 years experience in the trade.
"The attention to detail was exceptional and all work done was in a professional and helpful manner. Clean and tidy crew in all aspects. I would thoroughly recommend AMC Solutions (Alba) Ltd."
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Roughcasting Ayrshire provides an honest, transparent service with some of the most competitive roughcast prices per square meter in Ayrshire and Central Scotland.

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