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What is Pebbledash? Is it different from Harling (Roughcasting)?

One of the many misconceptions that we have today is that many homeowners think that Pebbledash and Harling (Roughcasting) are the same. This is not true as both differ in the execution of how the aggregate is used with the render.

In Pebbledash, aggregates which often consist of colored pebbles, rocks, shell, glass, etc. are thrown at the plastered surface, and then lightly pressed into the plaster. So a layer of colored rocks will cover the entirety of the wall and the mortar will not be visible at all.

A good Pebbledash project will leave no space for the mortar to show up on the wall as it will be completed covered by the colorful aggregates.

The popularity of pebbledash in Ayrshire has seen quite a boost lately owing to more people realizing its potential. By using Pebbledash as the exterior, you can save on both maintenance and upkeep as they are extremely resilient to weathering and doesn’t require a paint job.

Nowadays, Pebbledash aggregates can be bought in different colors so that you can have the exterior of your home in the color you want it to be.

A different outlook, unmatched by paint

Pebbledash is getting more popular nowadays thanks to its unique aesthetics. Since colored material like pebbles and rocks are used on the exterior, they give a different feel to the wall. The aggregates used in pebbledashing can be of the same color or a mixture of different colors.

This is where the option of customization comes in. You can customize the color of the aggregates used in pebble dashing to meet your liking. Nowadays, Pebbledash aggregates can be bought in several colors. The color comes from the innate hue of the pebbles and rocks. So it gives a natural look rather than something artificial, like paint.

Care must be given in when picking out the aggregates as the quality of the aggregates determines the final look, and how well they hold up after years of weathering. We will help you pick the best quality materials at a budget that you can afford.

Every home is different

Nowadays we see many homes using the same color for their walls, and this is a disadvantage of paint. However, no two homes that use Pebbledash will not look like the other because of the random textures created by the aggregates.

Pebbledashing your walls will help them stand out from the rest, freeing itself from the monotonous nature that befalls most houses these days. Nowadays, everyone has their home painted the same old colors.

The course outlook of pebble scatters light in every direction. This change the vistas of the house under different lighting conditions, customers can now choose between highly refractive Pebbledash aggregates that can make the walls sparkle when light falls on it.

It sets the home apart from the rest of the building and piques the interest of anyone who spends a look.

Superior weather resistance

Exterior coat on walls is meant to protect the bricklayer underneath from the elements. So it is safe to say that they are considered as an investment that keeps your house from damages. Pebbledash makes up the layer that stays on top of the base render, and this top layer is made up of organic materials. This arrangement of multiple layers safeguards the house against weathering.

With the varied weather conditions of the UK, having such a protective coating on the walls is necessary. More and more people are beginning to realize the protective nature of Pebbledash exteriors, resulting in the recent boost in pebbledash adoption rates.

Make sure you entrust the project to professionals like us who can guarantee perfection.

Harling or Rough Casting

Roughcasting mixes the aggregates with the mortar and is then applied to the wall. So the exterior of roughcast will be a combination of both aggregates and the mortar. A lime wash is often coated to the Roughcast so that the desired color can be achieved.

Roughcasting has the same strength and qualities as that of Pebbledash. The decision between Pebbledash and Harling is up to the customer as it is all about aesthetics.

Low on maintenance, high on protection

Reliable roughcast does not require any maintenance for years, even decades. the key to its longevity is in the quality and consistency in the mixture. The roughcast aggregates also play a role in protecting the Roughcast from common exterior damages as the organic materials work well in all climatic conditions.

Roughcasting was the most preferred exterior coat used in the UK in the 1960s due to their durability and low maintenance costs. Now they are making a comeback and has more to offer than ever before!

The advantage of Roughcasting is that it is able to adjust itself to the outside climate. In other words, it can expand and contract based on the temperature. This lowers the chance of crack formation on the surface of the coat. Another advance owing to this property is that moisture will not penetrate the exterior coat, keeping the inner brick layer safe from the elements.

Modern Roughcasting

Today, Roughcasting can be applied with the help of machines. This significantly reduces the time it takes to complete the project. This is a boon to homeowners as they can have the wall done quickly when compared to the old days.

The incorporation of modern technologies into Roughcasting is another factor why many homeowners choose Roughcasting over other forms of exterior coatings.

Always have a professional take care of it

Be it Pebbledash or Harling, the final finish determines the success of the project. We are a term of experts who know the craft of both Pebbledashing and harling. We ensure that each stage of the project is done to perfection resulting in a flawless finish.

There are many variables that determine the final finish of a project, among which, material quality and consistency of the mix takes the first two spots. Without paying attention to the quality of the mix, defects such as sagging can occur, which ruins the whole project.

Contact us to have yourself the best people suited for the job.


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