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Why your Roughcast needs repairing

Roughcasting is one among the most popular exterior wall coatings that we have today and it is well known for its durability and protective qualities. However, weathering can cause the Roughcast to show signs of deterioration. With the harsh climatic changes that the UK has to go through, Roughcast has to maintain its appearance between the varied temperature ranges.

These temperatures affect the materials used in roughcasting, causing them to expand and contract in hot and cold climates respectively. As the Roughcast is subjected to such conditions, it causes deterioration on both the surface and within the render. Cracks begin to form under weathering and moisture starts to creep in, leading to structural failure.Erosion is another challenge that Roughcast has to face and it can happen due to various reasons. The weathering certainly plays a major role in causing erosion, however, it can also happen due to defects in render or in the Roughcast mixture.

Make no mistake, Roughcast is more durable than other forms of plasters. You can find Roughcast exteriors to outlast painted surfaces by a significant margin. However, regular maintenance is a great way to ensure its structural integrity over time.

How to know you need a Roughcast repair

Roughcasting provides your home with a rough outlook which is very durable and hides any sort of blemishes very well. However, you can spot certain signs on the Roughcast that clearly indicate you need a repair job immediately.

One of the telltale signs of a weakening Roughcast is the crumbling of the Roughcast surface. The surface of the Roughcast is filled with Roughcast aggregates like rock, pebbles, shells, etc. and the render is the only thing holding everything together. If the render was not made well in its initial stages, there will be a reduction in its binding power.

Another culprit is water getting in between the Roughcast voids, which freezes in winter. When water freezes, it expands, causing the aggregates to separate from the render.In any case, a professional repair job is what you need. The Roughcast gives your house its whole outlook and damaged Roughcast is something you would want to fix right away.By availing services from experts like us, who have years of experience under our belts, you can be sure of a job done well.

Every step, carefully measured – The importance of starting right!

Roughcasting demands attention from the workers during the different stages of its preparation and application. This is the reason why you should always hire a professional for the Roughcasting project.  

One of the most common problems that we see with bad roughcasts is sagging, which not only ruins the whole outlook of the Roughcast but also weaken the structural integrity of the roughcast. When you decide to do Roughcasting for your home or any building, make sure to approach professionals like us who are experienced in the trade. 

Roughcast Repair in made easy!

We follow a methodological approach to Roughcast repairs. The first course of action is always surveying the damaged area. We see many homeowners deciding on the cause of damage just from a surface level inspection. 

However, the cause of damage can be embedded underneath the exterior layers and spotting it requires a trained eye. Fixing just the outside surface without removing the root problem means that the damages will return in the future and you will have to do the whole process again.

We make sure that we figure out the cause first. Then we move on to finding the best course of action to fix the problem and this may involve either a surface level fix or an invasive approach based on what is needed.

Do not resort to simple patchworks for problems that require more attention as it can change a simple repair work into an expensive redo. And this where the professional help matters.

We can help you determine the right course of action that will not just help fix the problem at hand, but repair it to an extent that it is not a future threat anymore.

Does Roughcast require more maintenance than plaster?

No, Roughcasting is more durable than plaster and it has a higher resistance to weathering. One of the most common problems associated with plaster is that it doesn’t bode well with the climatic conditions of the UK, especially Scotland.

Due to varying temperatures all year round, whatever you decide to put on the exterior of the wall must change accordingly. In colder temperatures, materials have a tendency to contract and in summer, expansion takes place.

If the exterior coat on your house is rigid, it will not be pliable enough to accommodate the changes, which leads to cracking. Since plasters and other forms of renders use cement without adding any other pliable materials, it can undergo cracking.

The Roughcasting adds lime into its mixture and it helps the whole exterior to expand and contract without undergoing any form of deformation. The Roughcast aggregates do a great job at protecting the inner layers from the elements. A good coat of Roughcast never lets moisture to reach the brick wall.

Make sure to do some Preventive maintenance

The best ways to prevent a costly repair job is to make sure that it doesn’t happen in the first place. Preventive maintenance applied to Roughcasting and they will help you weed out defects or damages that may cause you to break out your bank.

Call us or send us a message about your concerns, and we will schedule a site visit per your convenience. We will inspect your current Roughcast and evaluate its health. If something needs your immediate attention, we will notify you promptly and suggest counter methods that you can use to prevent it from causing future damage.

Preventive Maintenance is a great way to keep the Roughcast healthy throughout the year. Our trained eyes pickup even smallest of defects and we are well adept to fix them there and then!

Need Roughcasting repairs? Call us today

A damaged Roughcasting will cause the whole outlook of your home to change, and fixing it as soon as possible is not just in the best interest of its aesthetic outlook, but also for the protection of your home against the elements. We are a team of Roughcast experts who can help you fix the damage to your Roughcast providing you with the best possible results. we will survey your home to see the extent of damage, its cause and suggest the best way to fix it. Upon your approval, we will begin the repair job. We take special care that the damaged parts of the existing Roughcast are completely removed before adding the replacement to ensure no form of cross-contamination takes place. Matching damages Roughcast and the blend for repair often poses a challenge to many and not having the proper combination of aggregates, a mismatch can be spotted quite easily, even to the untrained eye.

You don’t have to worry about such specifics when you hire us because we are all about the details. We pay meticulous care in getting the combination just right so that the Roughcast patchwork blends in well with the existing roughcast, giving a seamless look to your walls.With us, you can rest assured that your home is in safe hands.

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